Chiropractor Kelowna

Huh? That was my response when my trainer told me that he wanted to bring in a chiropractor for my daughter’s horse. I immediately thought I had heard him wrong and he really wanted to have the vet come. But no, I had heard him right. Until that day, I had never heard of a chiropractor for horses. Now I am a firm believer in them, especially a good one.

Equine chiropractors are similar to that of a human chiropractor. These individuals maintain the proper alignment of the vertebrae in a horse’s spine. If the vertebrae are out of place, the horse’s movements are often hindered making the horse irritable. The joints in your horse are associated with specific vertebrae in the horse’s spine. Do to this; one might notice the horse being stiff.

Many times horse owners will do as I did and call a vet. Vets cannot always diagnose the problems when a horse is having performance issues. Some vets will recommend a local chiropractor Kelowna, others won’t. With horses, like humans, some doctors believe that everything has to be a medical problem.

Like a human, a horse may have to be adjusted several times to get the back into place. The chiropractor usually will set a series of treatments to get the horse back in top shape. Many times the chiropractor will then come back six months or so later to do a follow-up or for maintenance.

For the most part, horses enjoy being worked on. They will almost look as if they are going to fall asleep. Sometimes they will have a glazed look in their eyes and hang their heads. I have seen a few that do not like to be touched. They are usually in extreme pain and have to gain the trust of the chiropractor before they allow him or her to touch them.

To find a chiropractor in your area, it is best to talk to some of your equine friends and find one that they like. Word of mouth is the best way to locate these individuals. Sometimes your vet may know of a few chiropractors in your area if they believe in this type of medicine. Like everything else, make sure the chiropractor is licensed. Equine chiropractors should be licensed by the Chiropractic Association.

Next time your vet can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with your equine pal, give a chiropractor a call. It just might save you money on future vet bills.